NFG Music

A Complete Music Bot with interactive commands for you Discord server with video search Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube support, Many more features included!

Made For The Latest Version Of Discord

This bot will always be updated we use it our own servers and communities and we would never put out anything we personally wouldnt use.


All our Discord bots are free to use forever and will never have a paywall, we do however accept donations for these bots as they are not free to host so if you do feel like helping out with the rent feel free to donate.


We don't rely on a arbitrary control panel that was made in two minutes as a second thought with pay walls or mismanaged code, instead we have in discord help menus with extensive help so everything is in one place. No tabbing out of discord to a web browser only to tab back in and mess with discord to see your changes back a forth, you can see them live as you do it.


Coming Soon!

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