NFG Manager

A Total Management Tool For Your Discord Server. All features in one place with role management including reaction roles, moderation tools permissions system for commands, channel management, voice channel management, auto channels, gallery channels, auto reaction channels and so much more... 

Made For The Latest Version Of Discord

This bot will always be updated we use it in our own servers and communities and we would never put out anything we personally wouldn't use.


All our Discord bots are free to use forever and will never have a paywall, we do however accept donations for these bots as they are not free to host so if you do feel like helping out with the rent feel free to donate.


We don't rely on a arbitrary control panel that was made in two minutes as a second thought with pay walls or mismanaged code, instead we have in discord help menus with extensive help so everything is in one place. No tabbing out of discord to a web browser only to tab back in and mess with discord to see your changes back a forth, you can see them live as you do it.

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We wanted a discord bot that ticket all our boxes but this was not possible, Instead you had to invite 6 -10 bots to get a discord server up and running which clutters the player list and look very unprofessional. Most other bot seem to have terrible uptimes or go down all the time or are just littered with features that no one wants and your only using it for that one special feature out of the pointless or redundant ones. Can we mention the paywalls most other bots have?? yes FREE when we say FREE we mean it no "pay this and get these features which should be included but we locked them off anyway" kinda thing, we are our own hosting and we accept donations to keep the bots running (mainly power bills for the nodes they run on).

We use this bot ourselves and would never put out something we would personally and/or as a company use, which means no data collection, no messing around and as you see is what you get any data stored is removed as and when needed(space costs money anyway). And we(Staff of NFG) are the only people who have backend access to the bots and you can meet talk to and see on a daily basis within our own discord so we arent some no name no faced people who you can never meet.

We update the bot on the daily we use Redbot as our main core meaning if you see a redbot module you would like to add then please feel free o put forward a suggestion and due to this contribution of code can actuall be done through GitHub repos. Due to this fexibility this means changes can be made as and when needed without taking the bot offline and performed more or less instantly which is nice for updating we ensure we update them regularly to keep with latest patches and bug fixes. if there isnt a module out there we even add our own.


Coming Soon!

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