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Network For Gamers Bot build upon Red Discord Bot help command: !help

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Always free to use, no paywall or premium options

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Using our bot in your community can also get you 10% a server for the same community. requirements are a community on discord bigger than 100 users with that discord in need of a games server for that community.

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No harm in giving it a try, easy setup in discord 24/7 uptime with active updates and no faceless people running it.

Make sure to select Commands
list commands sub commands description for commands
list commands Commands description for commands
1 $Core autoimmune , command , embedset , ignore , info , licenseinfo , localallowlist , localblocklist , mydata , set , unignore , uptime autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions. command Manage the bot's commands and cogs. contact Sends a message to the owner. embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off. ignore Add servers or channels to the ignore list. info Shows info about Red. licenseinfo Get info about Red's licenses. localallowlist Server specific allowlist management commands. localblocklist Server specific blocklist management commands. mydata Commands which interact with the data NFG Bot has about ... set Changes NFG Bot's settings. unignore Remove servers or channels from the ignore list. uptime Shows NFG Bot's uptime.