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Network For Gamers Bot build upon Red Discord Bot help command: !help

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Make sure to select Commands
list commands sub commands description for commands
list commands Commands description for commands
1 Alias Alias Talias Manage command aliases.
2 Audio (page1) audioset , audiostats , autoplay , bump , bumpplay , disconnect , eq , genre , local , now ,pause , percent audioset Music configuration options. audiostats Audio stats. autoplay Starts auto play. bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue. bumpplay Force play a URL or search for a track. disconnect Disconnect from the voice channel. eq Equalizer management. genre Pick a Spotify playlist from a list of categories to star... local Local playback commands. now Now playing. pause Pause or resume a playing track. percent Queue percentage.
3 Audio (page2) play , playlist , prev , queue , remove , repeat , search , , seek , shuffle , sing , skip play Play a URL or search for a track. playlist Playlist configuration options. prev Skip to the start of the previously played track. queue List the songs in the queue. remove Remove a specific track number from the queue. repeat Toggle repeat. search Pick a track with a search. seek Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds or a to a speci... shuffle Toggle shuffle. sing Make Red sing one of her songs. skip Skip to the next track, or to a given track number.
4 Audio (page3) stop , summon , volume stop Stop playback and clear the queue. summon Summon the bot to a voice channel. volume Set the volume, 1% - 150%.
5 AudioTrivia atriviaset , audiotrivia , trivia , triviaset atriviaset Manage Audio Trivia settings. audiotrivia Start trivia session on the specified category or c... trivia Start trivia session on the specified category. triviaset Manage Trivia settings.
6 Core autoimmune , command , embedset , ignore , info , licenseinfo , localallowlist , localblocklist , mydata , set , unignore , uptime autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions. command Manage the bot's commands and cogs. contact Sends a message to the owner. embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off. ignore Add servers or channels to the ignore list. info Shows info about Red. licenseinfo Get info about Red's licenses. localallowlist Server specific allowlist management commands. localblocklist Server specific blocklist management commands. mydata Commands which interact with the data NFG Bot has about ... set Changes NFG Bot's settings. unignore Remove servers or channels from the ignore list. uptime Shows NFG Bot's uptime.
7 invite invite invite Send personalized invite for the bot.
8 LastFM lastfm , nowplaying lastfm Get statistics of a user. nowplaying Shows the current played song