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Using our bot in your community can also get you 10% a server for the same community. requirements are a community on discord bigger than 100 users with that discord in need of a games server for that community.

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Make sure to select Commands
list commands sub commands description for commands
list commands Commands description for commands
4 !Admin addrole , announceset , editrole , removerole , selfrole , selfroleset Add a role to a user , Change how announcements are sent in this guild , edit role settings , remove a role from a user , apply selfroles , manage selfroles
2 !Alias Alias alias Manage command aliases.
3 !AutoDisconnect afkdisconnect afkdisconnect Sets how long to wait before disconnecting an AFK...
4 !AutoRoom AutoRoom , AutoRoomSet autoroom Manage your AutoRoom. autoroomset Configure the AutoRoom cog.
5 !Bank BankSet bankset Base command for bank settings.
6 !CategoryHelp CategoryHelp categoryhelp Get help for category.
7 !Cleanup Cleanup cleanup Delete messages.
8 Core autoimmune , command , embedset , ignore , info , licenseinfo , localallowlist , localblocklist , mydata , set , unignore , uptime autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions. command Manage the bot's commands and cogs. contact Sends a message to the owner. embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off. ignore Add servers or channels to the ignore list. info Shows info about Red. licenseinfo Get info about Red's licenses. localallowlist Server specific allowlist management commands. localblocklist Server specific blocklist management commands. mydata Commands which interact with the data NFG Bot has about ... set Changes NFG Bot's settings. unignore Remove servers or channels from the ignore list. uptime Shows NFG Bot's uptime.
9 !CustomCommands CustomCommands customcom Custom commands management. .
10 !Downloader findcog findcog Find which cog a command comes from.
11 !Economy bank , economyset , leaderboard , payday , payout , slot bank Manage the bank. economyset Manage Economy settings. leaderboard Print the leaderboard. payday Get some free currency. payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine. slot Use the slot machine.
12 !EmbedInvite invite invite Send personalized invite for the bot.
13 !Filter Filter , FilterSet filter Add or remove words from server filter. filterset Manage filter settings
14 !General 8 , choose , flip , Imgtfy , roll , rps , serverinfo , stopwatch , urban 8 Ask 8 ball a question. choose Choose between multiple options. flip Flip a coin... or a user. lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link. roll Roll a random number. rps Play Rock Paper Scissors. serverinfo Show server information. stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch. urban Search the Urban Dictionary.
15 !InVoice invoice invoice Configure or view settings for automated voice-based pe...
16 !Leveler Levelerset , profile , profileset , register , toplevel levelerset Configuration commands. profile Show your leveler progress. Default to yourself. profileset Change settings of your profile. register Allow you to start earning experience ! toplevel Show the server leaderboard !
17 !Mod ban , hackban , kick , modset , mute , names , rename , slowmode , softban , tempban , unban , unmute , userinfo , voiceban , voicekick , voiceunban ban Ban a user from this server and optionally delete days of m... hackban Preemptively bans user(s) from the server kick Kick a user. modset Manage server administration settings. mute Mute users. names Show previous names and nicknames of a user. rename Change a user's nickname. slowmode Changes channel's slowmode setting. softban Kick a user and delete 1 day's worth of their messages. tempban Temporarily ban a user from this server. unban Unban a user from this server. unmute Unmute users. userinfo Show information about a user. voiceban Ban a user from speaking and listening in the server's... voicekick Kick a member from a voice channel. voiceunban Unban a user from speaking and listening in the serv...
18 !ModLog case , casesfor , modlogset , reason case Show the specified case. casesfor Display cases for the specified member. modlogset Manage modlog settings. reason Specify a reason for a modlog case.
19 !Permissions Permissions permissions Command permission management tools.
20 !RoleManagement bulkrolebind , clearmessagebinds , hackrole , massrole , rolebind , rolebindservercleanup , roleset , roleunbind , srole bulkrolebind Add role binds to a message. clearmessagebinds Clear all binds from a message. hackrole Puts a stickyrole on someone not in the server. massrole Commands for mass role management rolebind Binds a role to a reaction on a message. rolebindservercleanup Cleanup binds that don't exist anymore. roleset Settings for role requirements. roleunbind Unbinds a role from a reaction on a message. srole Self assignable role commands.
21 !Screenshare Screenshare screenshare Generate the screenshare link for the authors curre...